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    Nihon Noir: Tom Blachford sheds light on Tokyo’s dark side

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    Photographer Tom Blachford turns his lens on moonlit modernist architecture with captivating results

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    Tom Blachford’s (b. 1987) photography renders functional, man-made structures into strange dreams that fluctuate between reality and fantasy.

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    Midnight Modern Series IV Preview

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    Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Print Issue

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    We speak to the photographer behind a book documenting the modernist architecture of Palm Springs under the light of the full moon.

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    For the photos in Midnight Modern, Tom Blachford captured local architecture in a new light (the moon’s).

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    The haunting works, reminiscent of Gregory Crewdson, capture mid-century Palm Springs architecture under the midnight glow of a full moon.

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    There is an inherent nostalgia about photographing symbols of Southern Californian mid-century Modernism.

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    Tom Blachford’s moonlit photos of the city’s iconic modernist buildings is a must-see during Modernism Week.

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    Melbourne photographer Tom Blachford shoots mid-century Palm Springs architecture under the midnight glow of a full moon.

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    Some very simple pleasures here from photographer Tom Blachford, who’s been staying up long past his bedtime to capture stunning architectural shots.

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    Midnight Modern is a collection of large-scale works by Melbourne-based photographer Tom Blachford.

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    Meet the Artist Shooting #NoFilter Photos by Moonlight. Tom Blachford shoots Palm Springs’ swank, midcentury mansions using only lunar illumination.

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    Tom Blachford (b. 1987, Australia) presents his book Midnight Modern – a view of Palm Springs and its internationally renowned Modernist houses, shot entirely by the light of the full moon.

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    Tom Blachford on his Palm Spring’s Midnight Modern series